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Hello, and welcome to the tumblr for the webcomic The Muse Mentor! This is where the author will be putting extra art, reblogging fan works, alerting you about updates and all that other comicking jazz. Feel free to ask a question or just have a look around. We're pretty tame.

Jun 3

I thought it might be kind of fun to show some of the old concepts and evolving designs for the characters (as well as my own personal style changes, haha)! It’s amazing the kinds of things that change and the things you choose to keep, as well as the things you always MEANT to have but just get better at illustrating, over time.

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    wait…there…in the far left corner… lol is that ace’s original design?
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    Oh wow, look at that, deviantDead Mona! It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it? And ACE. Ace, wow.
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    Man, Ace is REALLY different now.
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